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    On our site you can learn the statuses of all HYIP monitors of this or that HYIP fund. It is convenient
if you want to know the actual "real" status of a HYIP fund immediately on all HYIP monitors. Many administrators of HYIP projects remove monitors from their sites if the latter have changed status to PROBLEM or SCAM, but on our site all of such monitors will be displayed. What's more common is that administrators of HYIP funds fake the images of monitors leaving status PAYING in them necessary to admins of such SCAM HYIP programs. Therefore, it is more convenient and easier to check the statuses of all HYIP monitors on our site at once than to go and check the status on the site of each HYIP monitor individually.

     In addition to checking the statuses on the site you will find much useful information about any HYIP project such as: plans of Fund, information about domain and hosting, links to topics about HYIP fund. You will also learn what HYIP funds are the most popular now, which of the HYIP funds have opened recently and which, on the contrary, have closed getting status SCAM on most of the HYIP monitors. All this information will be useful to you when choosing a HYIP fund for investing.

    For advertisers: we offer the advanced system of big cumulative discounts + if you place a banner of our service on your HYIP site, we will provide you with an additional discount. For the partners of HYIP monitors who place a reference to our service on their site in the details of HYIP projects we will offer a free place for a banner 120x120 for month and an ETERNAL discount of 30% for any place for your banner!

We wish you success on the front of high-risk investments, we hope our service will be useful to you.
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