brain attack defeat 50 enemies with the crusher

Brain Attack Defeat 50 Enemies With The Crusher

Brain Attack (Game) - HeroPedia, the Hero Factory...

Treasure Hunter - Collect 50 Pickups; Flattened! - Defeat 50 Enemies with the Crusher! Hole In One - Teach 50 Brains to skydive; Brain Buster - Defeat 20 Brains ...

Challenge - Borderlands Wiki - Wikia

Brain Surgeon, Kill 2500 Enemies with Critical Hits, 20,000 XP. Combo Kill ... Action Hero, Kill 50 enemies using your Action Skill, 1,000 XP. Beware! ... Bug Crusher, Kill 250 Spiderants, 2,000 xp ... Get 50 kills with Incendiary attacks, 1,000 xp.

Challenges List |

12 Days of Pandora - Master the technology of Pandora (12 assault rifle kills, 11 pistol ... Kill 1000 enemies with critical hits – 5000 XP; Brain Surgeon – Kill 2500 ... Kill 50 Spiderants – 1000 XP; Bug Crusher – Kill 250 Spiderants – 2000 XP ...

Yogg-Saron - Wowpedia - Gamepedia

May 26, 2015 ... The fight has three phases, engaging Sara and her guardians first, then ... Sara cannot be attacked directly, and casts the following spells ... Diminish Power — Weakens enemy units in a large area around the caster (50,000 .... some communication is needed, don't kill the brain until all Crushers are dead.

Star Fox 64 Boss FAQ for Nintendo 64 by LordLocke...

Aug 19, 1997 ... The regular stages are overly easy (I defeated all of them the first ... the "Beat the Boss" label Changed Andross's brain stratagy Added ... following *Kill the required number of enemies *Keep all 3 wingmen ... Attack Carrier: Despite how easy the first one is, this one is even easier. ... Only 50.....that's easy.

Borderlands - Cheat Code Central

Find a location with a lot of enemies that are easy to kill (for example, the Lost Cave with the crabs and leveled up Skags). ..... "Makes their brain hurt", Jakobs Skullmasher: Fires multiple projectiles (like a shotgun) and deals ... Bug Crusher: Kill 250 Spiderants (2,000 XP). ... Punchy: Get 50 kills with Melee attacks (1,000 XP).

Spiderdemon - The Doom Wiki at -...

Dec 11, 2014 ... The spiderdemon appears as a huge brain with facial features on it, ... The first encounter with the spiderdemon (in Ultra-Violence) in Doom II, on MAP06: The Crusher. ... Check the walls while she is in a fight with an enemy so you do not ... even at medium range, the monster's attack can be devastating.

Mafia II Walkthrough - GameSpot

Aug 25, 2010 ... Kill off as many enemies as possible and soon a tank arrives. ... Dodge until he throws a punch, counter with a quick attack, and finish him .... You'll start by facing off with your old Irish friend, Brian O'Neil. .... take the car to Mike's junkyard and destroy it with the car crusher. ..... The Enforcer, Kill 50 enemies.

Absorbing Man - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Carl "Crusher" Creel was a boxer and jailed criminal who becomes the ... The Absorbing Man defeats the Asgardian legions without too much trouble and ... Creel absorbs Odin's attacks and then the properties of Asgard itself, hoping .... Carl "Crusher" Creel appears in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., portrayed by Brian Patrick Wade.

Venom (Character) - Comic Vine

Oct 25, 2015 ... Although his body had been honed to near-perfection, Brock's mind was ... escaped the bell's crushing clapper before defeating Venom by forcing him to ... While Spidey searched for a lead on his former enemy, Venom was being ... The Jury relentlessly attacked Venom, nearly killing him until the Life ...

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