crushers corner company

Crushers Corner Company

crush[krÉ™SH](of a government or state) violently subdue (opposition or a rebellion): "the government had taken elaborate precautions to crush any resistance"synonyms: suppress · put down · quell · quash · stamp out · [more]put an end to · overcome · overpower · defeat · triumph over · break · repress · subdue · extinguishbring about a feeling of overwhelming disappointment or embarrassment in (someone): "his defeat crushed a lot of left-wing supporters" · [more]"the news came as a crushing blow"synonyms: mortify · humiliate · abash · chagrin · deflate · flatten · [more]demoralize · squash · devastate · shatter · shoot down in flames · knock the stuffing out ofUS informal(crush on) have a brief but intense infatuation for (someone): "the girl I had been crushing on sat next to me"
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